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Getting Back to Boxers
Twelve years ago, I decided that just as soon as I became "dogless" again, I would "get back to boxers". Boots and Baby were the two boxers I grew up with and were the loves of my childhood life!
Murph, aka Ch. Brush Hills Carpe Diem, checks out boxer competition at Westminster

How We Got Started
So at last, getting back to boxers, in 1989 I brought Katherine home. She is a brindle "classic" out of Ch. RJ's Puttin on the Ritz. In 1991, Katherine was bred to Ch.Cherkei's Hang Em High and that produced my first home bred "keeper", Milton's Ms. Isabelle. Much to our family's dismay, Katherine and Isabelle soon grew to violently despise one another, and Katherine chose to move out. She is currently living happily ever after with her second family in New Hampshire. There, she is able to pursue her true calling as chief nanny and guardian of the two young children in her family. Now going on twelve, she occasionally takes time off from her child care duties to chase the neighbors chickens.

Our First Show Litter
Milton's Ms. Isabelle was bred to Ch. Talisman's Shillelagh and in 1995, gave birth to my first show litter. Out ten puppies, there were three flashy fawns. Murph, aka Ch.Brush Hill's Carpe Diem finished with 4 and 5 point majors. Our "star" show girl was Rosie, aka Ch. Wilmor's Wild Irish Rose, who was specialed, and won an Award of Merit at Westminster. Jane Wilkinson and Kathy Frohock are also co-owners of Rosie. The third flashy pup was Brush Hill's Whoopsy Daisy who went to live with a photographer and chose a modeling career over the show circuit. Daisy did however spend some quality time on my living room sofas during her brief foray into show business and thus became the inspiration and model for The Ultimate Couch Potato embroidery design. More than "just another pretty face", Murph and Daisy currently enjoy agility competition as well.

Where We are Now
To bring our story up to date, in 1998, Murph had the good fortune of meeting Theodora's Masked Bandit. From that litter I kept Brush Hill's Mad for Madeline a, fawn classic, and Ch. Brush Hill's Hulla Baloo aka "Jo" who finished her championship on the 4th of July, 2000.

Along with Jane Wilkinson and Kathy Frohock, I co-own and co-bred Ch. Wilmor's Ramblin Rose Kantu... aka Cole. Cole is co-owned by Dr. Ted Fickes as well, and is out of our Rosie and Ch. Arriba Talisman's Ego. Cole will compete in the TOP 20 competition at ABC in May 2001 which is very exciting for all of us! We are pleased to report that all three have been holtered and echo cleared.

Significant Others
The senior member of this four boxer "in house" family is 8 year old Watson from Katherine's second litter. Watson also just recently completed a rigorous round of health testing at Angell Memorial and was pronounced to be "in excellent health". He can now return to doing what every hard working "working dog" does best....tending his many toys.

Brush Hill's Morning Glory is from Murph's first litter out of Pamar's Lily of Kilarney. Glory also enjoys family life in New Hampshire and as her recent health testing also went well, she is soon destined for motherhood.

And That is Our Story
I don't aspire to have a large kennel and am enjoying my four couch potatoes as they are. I do hope to contribute to the health and welfare of this beautiful breed by fund raising for rescue and adhering to health testing guidelines.

To Get in Touch
I welcome your comments or questions and am always happy to contribute something from Persnickety Pooches to rescue fund raisers. Please feel free to email me at:

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